With hard working from totally 57 EMPLOYEES for 10 YEARS in 4 PROVINCES, Golden Touch Group has won trusts from 1364 CLIENTS.


Participated in 23 large commercial property investment projects such as HOTELS, OFFICE BUILDINGS, NURSING HOMES, and RESORTS since January, 2015.


Assisted and coached 151 businesses from registering to operate since April, 2016.



For Sellers / 写给卖家

  • We make your business ready for sale / 我们会为您的在售生意做好万全准备


In the process of selling a business, providing the potential buyer with satisfactory financial documents is an important factor to determine the result of the transaction. In many cases, a purchase and sale agreement ends up falling through because the financial statements could not pass the due diligence by the buyer’s accountant. As a professional accounting and tax services provider with more than 10 years of experience, the accounting division of Golden Touch Group can help you minimize the risk. We know the best way to convince the buyer of the profitability of your business by providing well-prepared and high-quality financial statements, and you can also save your money and efforts of seeking your own accountant for the transaction. Our message is not to sell your business as soon as we can, but to walk our way to get the best price for you. 



  • We have access  to buyers’ market / 我们有资源能为您找到最合适的买家

With wealthy business experiences related to immigration planning and start-up business consulting in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, we have established good business networks in local mainstream as well as immigrant communities, and thus have valuable resources of potential buyers who look to purchase businesses, including established business owners who look for business expansion, international students who are interested in entrepreneurship, and new immigrants who are required to invest and start businesses in Canada. We understand the most important needs of both of the buyer and the seller, and recommend the most appropriate buyers to you after we have thoroughly assessed the qualification of the buyer as well as the likelihood of making a successful transaction with them, therefore we can help every involved party to save their time and achieve their goals.




  • We coordinate the entire process / 我们为您协调整个买卖过程


New immigrants who moved to Canada through the business investment stream are one of the most active business buyers on market. In order to make a living in Canada, they prefer having their own business than looking for a job due to the limited language ability and work experience, but sometimes they worry about that they will be unable to manage and maintain the business that they have bought. As a business brokerage that has many years of cooperative experiences with new immigration, either as their business consultant or immigration planner, we have gained trust of these people, and have deep understanding of their thoughts. We are able to persuade them to buy a good business by assisting them with subsequent management and daily operation affairs after the takeover, in order to increase the success rate of the transaction.


通过商业投资移民加拿大的新移民是市场上最活跃的生意买家之一。为了在加拿大谋生,由于语言能力和工作经验有限,他们更愿意拥有自己的事业而不是找工作,但有时他们担心他们无法管理和维护他们所购买的业务。 点金集团作为一个拥有多年新移民合作经验的集团公司,无论是作为他们的商业顾问还是移民相关顾问,我们都赢得了这些人群的信任,并对他们的想法有着深刻的理解。我们能够通过协助他们在收购后进行后续管理和日常运营事务,以此来说服他们购买生意,以提高交易的成功率。



For Buyer / 写给买家


  • We focus on new immigrants’ business community / 我们专注于新移民创业团体


Golden Touch Group is the first Chinese-founded and Chinese-operated company that provides one-stop business services in Atlantic Canada especially for the new immigrants. We have served hundreds of new immigrants with various services related to business start-up, business purchase and sale, mortgage, corporation management, and bookkeeping and tax. Most of the new immigrants lack professional background, knowledge, and experience of doing business in Canada. In addition, they also have language barriers and limited resources to get good investment opportunities. Evolved from a small company that established by Chinese, we completely understand the difficulties and issues that new immigrants have regarding starting their own business in Canada, and we also have the ability, experience, resources, and patience to offer all kinds of help that new immigrants business operators may need.




  • We understand the needs of  first-time business buyers / 我们更了解初次生意买家


Unlike the experienced buyers who are usually more clear about what they are buying and more confident about the entire purchase and sell process, first-time business buyers tend to have more fear and confusion. As your brokerage, we always try our best to facilitate the transaction and protect your benefits. We will spend time talking to you, understanding your ideas and purposes, and elaborating every detail that you need to know about the business you want to buy. Besides, we will also tell you what you need to face afterwards, and thus help you to best identify the opportunities and risks that you may have in future, in order to assist with your decision-making in every step.




  • We pursue sustainability and long-term success / 我们会协助您取得长期持续成功 


We are a brokerage that is not only focused on recommending businesses with foreseeable profits to you, we also do our best to make sure that those businesses have potential and can bring greater success to you in the long run. After helping you with buying a business, this includes finding a good property, applying for mortgage etc., we will keep in touch with you to follow up on any further difficulties or concerns that you may have about the management and daily operation. Particularly, for those clients who are new immigrants under the investment immigration programs, we not only look to find business opportunities that will qualify you with the immigration policies required by your programs, we also devote ourselves in helping you to build an enterprise that you can rely on and that generate long-term revenues to support your new life and new career in Canada. We will always be here to help.




The co-founder and the current directing manager of the Golden Touch Group Mr. Yao (Foxx) Liu has rich experiences on foreign assets reporting and planning even before he founded Golden Touch Group for more than 10 years. He is one of the earliest Chinese accountant that works on foreign assets reporting and planning. Foxx is a moderate and reliable business professional that deserve your trust.


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